Meet the Team

Roberto V. Jolliffe III

Founder, CEO

Dual MBA with emphasis in Information Technology Management.

Lean Six Sigma- Green Belt. Software Developer and Integrator 2015- present.

Mobile Performance Tester, Innovator, Data analyst, & Adobe InDesign.

Personal Hobbies: art, music, reading, and traveling. Mentorship and public speaker for the youth.

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Marshall Felder

Co-Founder, CTO

Air Force veteran 03-07. UTSA graduate Double Major: Cyber Security/Information Systems.

Machine Learning Engineer at Bank 2014-Present. Specialize in Big Data platforms such as Hadoop.

Personal hobbies: Reading about Investments and Technology. Tinkering on Kaggle and random pet projects.

Roderick Burke

Co-Founder, CMO

Business Management
Recruiting/Training Certification
Background Investigator, Retention Certification

Multiple accommodations, winner of the Marvin Stanley award, Academic excellence, and Director of Public Safety Award.

Pilot Training, Community service, reading, and traveling.

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Our Story

Roberto’s Vision
I had this idea living in my mind and beating on my soul that needed to let out to the world. I’m an innovator at heart and won many awards from thinking outside the box. I pitched to my super technical friend, Marshall, the idea and he said thats actually possible. We created the first bit of code to prove that it could work and …it did. But I put the idea on the back burner due to life happening.
I went on a trip to Thailand with Roderick and even though we found all the touristy things to do , we still had days where we didn’t have big excursions to do. We found it very hard to find things that the locals like or do on our own. After hours of searching in our phones and laptops, we almost every time came up empty handed.
Since we travel a lot, I told him the idea of my app and he expressed the same struggles to find things to do as well. so when we got back from vacation we asked ourselves, “Should we do it?” and we agreed, “Let’s get it!”
We’re envisioning a product that’s simple and intuitive, and will help all kinds of people find things to do without the hassle.