Do you need to sign up to use the app?

 No, you will only need to sign up to participate in other events (comment, rate, post videos & pics), and to create/ post your own events.

Why are past event reviews not posted?

We like to keep Evnturer’s up to date in real time as much as possible, so you will see current events and ratings. You can review past events on event creators social or website to get more insight.

How long do comments last?

They will last up to 24 hours after you post them. When I open Evntures, what events are being shown? When you launch Evntures you will see all events in your specified location, and events that are happening on the date and time you open and 24 hours ahead in the future. You can filter to specific categories and change to a future date.

How long can I make my events for?

Your events can not be longer than a week at a time, to limit some one just leaving an event there. even though your event is open a week, comments will still last only 24 hours from when user posted.

Why is that I can comment from anywhere?

We limit comments to a radius due to we want to provide a great experience to our Evnturer’s. So you will only be able to comment, rate, or post pics/vids when you are in a specified radius of the event. Also you will only be able to post current pics or videos nothing from your phones gallery.

How does “Ask Evnturer’s who are near this event to post video, pics, or comments?” work?

When that Orange Question Mark button is activated it will send a push notification to fellow Evnturer’s in the specified radius of the event to get them to respond. This is like the digital version of asking someone that comes out the bar, party or event ” Is it good in there?” but from the comfort of your home, couch or wherever you maybe. This will help you better make choices on where to go to save you time, money, and loss of a better experience!

What are the colors around the event/ host name?

The colors indicate the difference of events and host. The blue ring around the events picture and host name are events we at Evntures have provided for you. The events that have an orange ring around the events picture and host name are events posted by a standard user. You will be able to click on Host name in event details to see the profile of the event submitter.

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