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Social Media and Love

Tips on attracting the one

Events and Finding Love

Many of us are so busy that we often don’t have time to attend events in our area. How often do you ignore event invitations or promotions that pop up on your screen? After a long day in the office, all you need is a take-away and some time alone. Besides, social media is usually enough to fulfill your need for socializing. Surveys show that almost 3 billion people use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and similar apps every day. Social media keeps you posted about your friends’ lives and helps you keep in touch, so you’re never alone, as long as you have your smartphone with you. 

Yet, despite all the benefits of the Internet, studies show that social media can have a negative influence on our relationships, and mental health. 

How Social Media Affects Our Mental Health and Relationships?

Studies show that social media can influence your mental health, triggering feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, anxiety, or depression. One survey found that people who excessively use social media tend to experience frequent mood swings, to neglect their personal life, and to withdraw from real-life social interactions

The results of a recent study showed the epidemic of loneliness among young adults 18-24 years old in the United States. While spending time online may cause you to feel like you’re socializing with a lot of people, studies suggest that that social media use in fact leads to feelings of loneliness social isolation

Events as an Opportunity to Socialize

With our busy lives today, it is so easy to get stuck in a day to day routine. Attending an event is a great opportunity to shake things up a bit from time to time. A modern lifestyle can make you feel lonely and isolated. Visiting an event is your chance to make contacts and meet someone interesting, maybe even find love. One study in the UK showed that around 20 percent of people met the love of their life at music events. 

Whether it’s fundraising, a conference, or a club party, attending events is a wonderful opportunity to meet people, make friends, and find love. To expand your social circles in a good, old-fashioned way. Unlike social media, events are great opportunities to meet people who are in your geographical proximity, which may be beneficial for both your personal and professional life. There are also special, single events, also known as a singles mixer intended for the romantically unattached.

Single Events

Have you ever considered attending a single event? Single events are an ideal opportunity for meeting people and starting a relationship. There is a wide range of events that attract singles to mingle and date, such as holiday parties, dinners, Valentine Day mixers, and cocktail parties. These events are usually organized by organizations such as community groups, local businesses, cultural establishments, sports teams or religious organizations. Sometimes a single mixer is organized to raise money for a cause. A single mixer is commonly organized to foster dating or relationships among attendees.

Using apps such as Evntures is a great way to learn about the various single events in your neighborhood and the surrounding area. Also, if you have just moved to a new city, or you are on a vacation, use Evnture to find out about the local events where you can meet people and, who knows, maybe even find the love of your life. 

How to Behave when Attending Events Alone?

If you are attending an event alone, this can be an overwhelming experience. However, don’t get discouraged if you are coming to an event by yourself, as many other attendees are alone just like you, and maybe feeling the same way. 

Saying Hello or some other form of start-up conversation is a good way to break the ice and start a conversation. Nevertheless, if the other person does not engage in conversation, don’t feel disheartened. Not every contact is meant to start something new. Some people are simply not a good match, and this is okay. Make sure to set clear goals about what you expect to achieve, for example, to leave the party with a new friend or a date in prospect. 

When attending events, be confident. When you radiate confidence, you are more likely to attract people and engage with them.

Attending events is a great opportunity to get away from your everyday environment and stresses at school, work, or home. It is a chance to experience something new, make connections or start a relationship. However, don’t get discouraged if you don’t have success in meeting new people. Attending events and meeting new people will definitely enrich your life, even if you don’t find love. In the end, we all attend events to enhance our lives with new experiences and have a great time.

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